Electric Region Agder is the vision to create the world's first fully electric society with 100% clean energy by 2030. 


The goal of Electric Region Agder is to mobilize, coordinate and execute projects that help fulfill the vision. Several municipalities are currently working to cut where necessary to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. Now the hope is that the model, which has been called the ERA model (Electric Region Agder model), will be used in all the country's municipalities.


Everyone in Agder can join in on the vision. The reports from most of the municipalities show that it is in the transport sector that it is smartest and cheapest to cut emissions. Ferries, car traffic, leisure boats and public transport stand out as a main focus area going forward. In Kristiansand, for example, these areas account for 40% of emissions, which must now be cut. The reports also show that there is a long way to go to the goal, but also that Agder is at the top of the world in terms of degree of electrification.


Agder has to cut 45% of it ́s CO2-emissions to reach the Paris agreement. To achieve this, electrification is essential based on Agder's large surplus of renewable hydropower.