Electrification Leisure Boats

Online workshop on the future of electric leisure boats and how to ensure a rapid deployment for zero emission boating life.

Electric leisure boats are a step in the right direction towards more sustainable and greener oceans - but how do we overcome the obstacles to get there? PERISCOPE and Business Region Göteborg invites you who operates in the maritime and marine clusters, preferably with insight about the leisure boat industry to participate in a workshop. The workshop is held within the framework of the project and study The international arena for electrification of leisure boats. The workshop is led by WSP and will be held digitally and in English. The purpose of this workshop is to understand how other cities and regions in Europe relate to the development and challenges in the area of leisure boats and electrification, but also in relation to the global development.

Dato og tidspunkt

Dato: 27. jan 2021
Tidspunkt: Kl. 09.00


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